Our Inspiration
We found in an endangered Brazilian species the inspiration for our purpose and also for our name.

The Mergus, known as Mergulhão is a species of bird that depends on clean and transparent water to develop. Its main characteristics are their keen sense, the fact that they are excellent swimmers, and their long and unique beak, from which their name originates.

In Brazil there are few species of Mergus, being found predominantly in Minas Gerais, in Serra da Canastra and Serra do Salitri.

Investments in behaviors that are changing today and will continue to change the world. We understand that technology is the key that enables accelerated change in the world of business and consumer relations.

We look at investments in perspectives that complement each other:

  • Virtual experience
  • Interaction of man with the machine
  • New financial market boundaries
  • Mobility and Logistics
  • Health and Wellness and Food
  • Innovation in the Life Cycle of Products

Our Values
Purpose, Dedication and Engagement
We love what we do. We truly believe in our purpose and how our work can help companies.

Ambition, go further
Our ambition is to redefine the way investors see their investments.

Transparency, we get straight to the point
We focus on what matters. We don’t go round.

Nova Lima, Minas Gerais – Brazil
Menlo Park, California – United States of America
Riyadh – Saudi Arabia